The historical reenactment, a way of life

La Petite MUSETTE, symbol of historical reeanactmentThe historical reenactment is identified as a leisure but it is a real art of living. Conscientious and meticulous, the Reanactor’s mission is to commemorate a given period of our past by endorsing the uniform of one of its actors and to approach as closely as possible its state of mind and habits. For the World War II period, you are thousands across France and the world to maintain the memory of these years of war that have forged our present. We put anyone who doubts the strength of these men and women who live this history to the challenge of spending a night in a tent, to heat his bowl on a stove or to spend the day at the bottom of a hole freshly dug using an individual shovel and elbow grease!”

To contribute to a reenactment in a historic site is to share with the public a moment of our collective history with the maximum of historical rigor while remaining captivating

How to make the reenactment a recognized popular art?

La Petite Musette is the result of an encounter between two historians and pioneers of tourism. Precursors in their field, they share common values. By discussing the historical environment and their respective experiences, they realized that they are confronted with the same questions:

  • How to make the reenactment a recognized popular art?
  • How to develop limited series and reissues of objects not reproduced at this time?
  • How to collect military textiles?
  • How to collect military textiles?

So in 2017, they decided to unite their talents and to associate. These two creators, passionate about history and transmission, are committed to becoming a reference in the domain of historical reenactment.La Petite Musette accompanies the reenactors in their historical adventure..

La Petite MUSETTE accompanies the reenactors in their historical adventure.

Aware of the problems you are experiencing, La Petite MUSETTE, a new brand of the historical re-enactment, offers you, today’s reenactors, the solutions to pace the adventures of our time and accompany you in your passion. Partner of your reenactments and historical events, La Petite Musette is registered as a collaborator of your projects, your historical steps and your manifestations in order to make reenactment recognized as the major actor of the festivities, the commemorations and the transmission of the memoiries of the Second World War, with the same title and prestige as a museum or a book.

La petite MUSETTE, A historical symbol

It has knocjking around , patrolling, flying over, encamped, furrowed, swarming with territories and places, the Musette carries a story. In canvas, in leather or other fabric, this simple accessory became cult, signs an era, an outfit, a personality. Robust bag, it has accompanied generations of soldiers on all battlefields. Symbolizing values of transmission for future generations, the brand La Petite Musette illustrates a passage of the torch in nuances.

« A nation that forgets its past is doomed to repeat it » Winston Churchill

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La Petite MUSETTE, Surplus d'histoire et de créations