Retreat in Saint-Floxel!

2017 Aug 18 | 0 comments

Name: Gauthier R.

Theme: 4th US Infantry Division in Normandy

Time: World War II (1944)

Details:  On June 10th, the 12nd Regiment, counter-attacked, retreated to Saint-Floxel, towards Montebourg. This private remains attentive to the elements that surround it and crosses these famous hedges. He wears the HBT suit with under the jacket, the M-41 fieldjacket. The equipment is simplified and lighter, note the GP bag hooked to the suspenders in the back. The ivy leaf of the unit (nicknamed “IVY”) is hand painted on the M1 helmet in light green. The helmet is covered with a medium mesh net, which is regulated and mostly manufactured in England. The fighting will be difficult and intense for these soldiers, and it will be only the beginning …


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