A fortified battery at the East of Cherbourg

It is in the North Cotentin a battery delivered to its own fate. Indeed, the Osteck point of defense, located in Carneville  (Manche – 50), an important complex of dozens of concrete buildings of all types, commanded in 1944 by Major Kuppers, was the stronghold of the defense of Cherbourg. From now on, the site, invaded by the vegetation and sadly dilapidated, is far from attracting crowds of tourists. Yet, more than 70 years ago, hundreds of occupants left a memory of their passage.


The wall frescoes of Osteck

The years have passed and the more we advance in time and these memories of time will disappear. Inside the blockhouses, but also under your feet, on concrete slabs covered with moss, it is possible to discover all these paintings made by the German soldiers who occupied the premises during the Second World War. There are memories of the country, moments of joy and relaxation, but also symbols like the woman and her beauty or drawings reminiscent of the regime in place. It is a question of killing time for these soldiers, who remain men first and foremost, not all artists, but all awaiting a landing that is becoming more and more certain. The site will also fall into the hands of the Allies on June 26th, 1944.